Office Park Management In Fort Collins, CO

Professional Property Management In Fort Collins, CO

Questions To Ask Before Starting Property Management In Fort Collins, CO

Are you ready for everything it takes to manage your property and maximize your investment? Take a moment to answer the following questions and consider whether you need a property management service:

1. Are you able to confront people on a continual basis?

2. Are you willing and able to follow through with consequences once you set a boundary?

3. Are you familiar with the legal issues of fair housing, lead-based paint, mold, meth labs, and evictions?

4. Do you feel sorry for people who struggle with money issues?

5. Are you willing to receive calls at work, at home, and in the middle of the night for maintenance issues or emergencies?

6. Are you capable of doing your own maintenance, or hiring competent vendors to do maintenance on your properties promptly?

7. Do you know the difference between a good lease and a bad one? Will your lease hold up in court if you seek damages and past due rents? Do you know the legal process of serving your tenants? When are you allowed to ask the court for money past due? What charges may you charge as a landlord doing your own work? Which ones do the courts not allow?

8. Are you willing to run your own advertising, and show your investment to potential tenants?

9. Do you know the difference between a good application form and a bad one?

10. Have you secured the proper release from the potential tenant to access their private information legally?

11. Do you know how to check and verify information to secure a good tenant?

12. Do you understand the marketplace for pricing your investment properties correctly?

Property Management In Fort Collins, CO
Drake Manor Management provides full property management in Fort Collins, CO for all our clients. We successfully market properties for rent and offer various services needed for each property rental. Our 24-hour on-call service company also specializes in:

  • Investment Property Management
  • Landlord-Tenant Finders Services
  • Property Maintenance
  • Landscaping Services — Residential/Commercial
  • Janitorial Cleaning Services for Commercial Offices
  • Residential Weekly, Bi-Weekly, & Monthly Cleaning Services
  • Real Estate Sales
  • Office Park Management In Fort Collins, CO

Handling Your Property Management In Fort Collins, CO

Drake Manor is fortunate enough to have the staffing and availability to handle everything for all rental properties successfully. For instance, we work as an accounting service, collecting all rent and providing comprehensive income and maintenance records to clients, both on a monthly basis and at year-end. The purpose of our business is to allow you to focus on your investments while we do the rest.