Furnished Rentals In Fort Collins, CO

Relocation Services in Fort Collins, CO

When you are moving from your current home to a new one, whether it’s because of a job transfer, for school, or some other reason, it can be a stressful time. One way to reduce a major portion of that stress is by having a professional partner you can rely upon to locate a new residence that meets your needs.

Drake Manor Management understands the importance of finding the right style of home to rent for as long or short as you need it. That's why our company offers relocation services in Fort Collins, CO, for long- or short-term rentals. If you need information regarding the community, just let us know. Our company has the people, the knowledge, and the skills that make us an invaluable contact for whatever your needs may be, such as:

  • Single-Family Homes in All Price Ranges
  • Multi-Family Condos and Apartments
  • Student Housing
  • Corporate Relocation Services
  • Furnished Housing for All Your Short-Term Needs

We will learn what you need and what you are looking for in a new residence and then make suggestions that we feel are the best fit for you and your situation. Choosing a place to live is an intensely personal decision, and our team will work closely with you to locate a new home that you will be happy with no matter how long you live there.

Our experience as a property management company has given us deep insight into the local market, as well as a large network of connections in the local real estate field, and that means we can find ideal accommodations for you that meet your tastes and budget.

When it's time to find a permanent home, we know the best real estate agents who can help you find it. Our team can answer any questions you have about the area you're looking to find property. We provide information about the area, such as the schools, churches, shopping, recreation (golf courses, ice skating, camping, horseback riding, etc.), or where to take out-of-town visitors. Whether you need to know where to find the best restaurants or what some of the hottest shows are, we can help. Drake Manor Management knows what you are looking for and where to find it.

Furnished or Unfurnished Rentals in Fort Collins, CO

We offer furnished properties for short-term rentals, as well as both furnished and unfurnished properties for extended rentals. Furnished units include all basic utilities (in most cases, high-speed internet and cable, along with the basics), a kitchen package, linens, decor, and all appliances (large and small) including washer and dryer. Just bring your suitcase, and we'll handle the rest! Additionally, we offer a wide variety of unfurnished long-term rental properties for you to choose from. Whether you're looking for a townhouse, apartment, or single-family home, we can help you find an excellent fit for your preferred lifestyle. Call today to find out more about our furnished and unfurnished rentals in Fort Collins, CO.

We feel that having options is the best way to make you feel comfortable when you’re looking for a place to stay. If you’re in the market for furnished rentals we’ll find you several to choose from, or, if you’ve got enough furniture for a house, we’ll provide examples that work for you. Our goal is to ensure your comfort in your new place, and it’s a responsibility we take seriously.

Contact us today to learn about how we can find you a place to stay. We are happy to serve customers in Fort Collins, CO, and the surrounding area.